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Not bad

Very practical to bet quickly, but crashes often when looking for info such as history of bets. Ironically, the deposit page never crashes.


Great app to save time in a store if it says open! Need to update app for iOS 6 and or iPhone 5 support!


The app itself seems to be well organized and looks pretty good but it keeps crashing, so I cant make any bets. Pretty sure it needs iOS 6 update.

Worst app

This app crashes all the time, cant even use it

Needs improvements

Can log into my account and keeps crashing

Take my $$ but wont update

Come On man...ya can take my $$$ but ya wont invest and Fix all the bugs...you made me lose a ticket I was gonna play last week but this garbage app kept on crashing and I couldnt play ...I would of won 300 but instead I had to run to the store and fill out that garbage card with umpteen dozen numbers and in the End I missed the Deadline...bravo lotto Quebec bravo

Doesnt open

Ever since the update, it just says "unable to contact server, try again later"


IT KEEPS CRASHING! Frustrated! Cant even use the app...

Worked with the latest update

I tried 1 bet .. Worked fine

Mixed Feelings

Worked great the first few times. I was able to make my pics, walk into the corner store and have the clerk scan the bar code directly from my phone and tada, the ticket printed out from the lottery machine! Unfortunately since they released the update I havent been able to open the app at all, just crashes time after time. I havent placed a bet with mise-o-jeu since this started happening.. Its their loss, literally!

It stinks

You cant even use it, it wont even open. Only the Quebec government would do something like this. Do u think u guys can fix this. All you do is collect money, and when it comes to pay out time....u cant!!!

Used to be great, but now...

I dont know what happened but now I cannot even open the app because it crashes immediately. I havent used it in awhile because of this issue. Please fix it because this app is very helpful! Oh ya and make it compatible with the iPhone 5. Thanks.

Only Quebec

Does someone complain that reviews for an application are in English.


It crashes upon opening.

Go Habs Go!

Id bet on Carey any day of the week!


Do not bet there, the odds are unfair ..


Fix the app to be compatible with iOS 6 Jesus Christ...mise is losing money because its not compatible and I know it can be done by the developers!!!


Crashes non stop

Keeps crashing and Has not opened in 2 days!!

Please fix

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